Unihorn Bath Bomb


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Unihorn Bath Bomb - Passion Fruit Scent

This bath bomb is for the Unicorn at heart made with 3 special colors, it will bring out your best spirit animal!

Each bath bomb is sprinkled slightly with glitter for that special magical time.

Have a fun healthy bath time with Wunderbomb.

Scented lightly with alcohol-free mild fragrances. 

Colored with Micas and Oxides, earth's natural minerals.

Suitable for kids, with plant oils to softens skin.

Helps evens out your skin tone and whiten yellowish nails.

Product Volume: 70 g / 8 cm (L) x 5.2 cm (D)

Recommended Regimen:

1. Fill your tub with water, drop in the bath bomb watch as the magical colors and fragrance unfold in your tub. 

2. Soak, wiggle your toes and relax.

Use ONE for a small tub, TWO for medium sized tub, THRE for an ultra rich wunderful experience~

CAUTION: Due to the abundance of moisturizing ingredients, tub surface may become slippery after use, Adult supervision is required.

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