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Traditionally S Body is meant for relieving accumulated internal heat, purgation and holistic weight loss. It offers an easy, healthy and safe slimming approach. This new improved weight loss formula emphasizes on trimming down to a proportional and hourglass silhouette. It helps you to attain ideal inches of every part of your body!
Distinctive Weight Loss Features:
-Holistic approach of slimming while achieving spot reduction in problem areas.
-Safe solution. It consists of 15 types of natural herbal ingredients
-Does not affect body's resistance power. It contains nourishing ingredients, reduces weight without affecting healthy flow of energy levels.
-Convenient, ready for consumption.

traditional used for symptomatic relief of body heatiness, relief constipation and reduce body weight. This product is registered & approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health to be safe for consumption & certified Halal by JAKIM.

Product Volume: 2 x 60s

Recommended Regimen:
2 capsules daily after lunch.

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